Saturday, December 11, 2010

Fun Hairdos

This is a hairdo from a blog that I absolutely LOVE. Here is the link. I have two younger sisters so this blog is perfect for them so that I can do their hair in really cute hairstyles.
I tried this hairstyle on one of my sisters and worked out well but instead of having the messy buns I just left it in two pigtails.

There is also a website that has a bit easier styles that I always use. Click here for the link.
I also did this in both my sisters hair. It looked SO cute in their hair.

Heres another Blog that has hairstyles that are a bit complicated. Here it is.
This is a really cute hairstyle that worked extremely well on my sister. I did this on the other side of her head and pulled the twists back under the rest of the hair and held it there with a ponytail.



  1. i did those hairstyles on my sisters and they worked out really well. ♥♥

  2. nice, except wouldn't it really hurt to get this hair style done?? I only do ponytails cuz 1. i can't take the LONG process of any other hairstyle.2. can't take the pain of hairstyles. i used to hate when i had to get french braids done. OUCH. ANYWAYS...

    nice =0

  3. no i brush the hair till there are no knots and i wet it and do it loosely.

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