Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Past Week

For the past week I have made two things. First thing is this shirt refashion, the shirt had some stains on it so I wanted to cover it up with some ruffles.

For the ruffles I sewed a running stitch down the center and gathered it then sewed it on the shirt with my sewing machine.

The bottom of the shirt was too tight so I sewed a triangle on each side, two layers because the fabric is see through.

I forgot to take a picture of the shirt before I put on the ruffles but I do have a shirt that looks like it. It turned sideways for some reason.

My second project is this purse. My purse had a hole on the bottom of it so I decided to make a new one (more like I had to).

I LOVE this fabric my mom made me an apron from the same fabric except in pink.( That red spot is my knee, sorry).

For the lining I used this matching purple fabric, SO CUTE!!

I followed the pattern from 'one yard wonders' and it turned out great. I changed it a bit, I made it smaller, I didn't use ribbon for the strap and I didn't scrunch the bottom of the bag with an elastic. this is the picture from the book.

One more picture because I LOVE THIS BAG!!


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