Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Here You Go, Finally

My grandma went through a five hour surgery yesterday to put metal sticks in her legs. She will, thank God, have a full recovery though it will take time. She will be going to a rehabilitation center and will start physiotherapy. She got the shawl and loves it and really appreciates it.

I finally got around to posting my DS case and my lounge pants.
Here is my DS case. And if you want to make one HERE is a good tutorial and HERE is a case.

I used four napkins that I got from a thrift store for $1. I used ties to close it and I made the ties myself.

Here it is unrolled or unfolded. Yes My DS is pink I love it. I used fleece on the inside instead of batting.

The elastic was a bit short so I added little tabs on each side to it.

For the DS games I made a pocket with Velcro and for the charger I made a pocket with two snaps.

Here are the lounge pants I made. I used the pattern from this book.

I used a double fold seam on the bottom.

I made my own tag using fleece because I was constantly mixing up the front and back.

I sewed at all the seams so that the elastic wouldn't twist.


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