Monday, March 21, 2011

Stuffed Bomb

I wanted to post a tutorial on how to make a stuffed bomb, so here it is.
You will need:
-black fabric (any fabric will do)
-white yarn
-paper (if you have thin yarn)
-red felt
-sewing notions

assemble the main part the same way as THIS angry bird except don't make the face or feathers.

This is what it should look like:

Next cut out one circle. I used a spool for the circle. then follow THIS tutorial and make the snout with no nostrils.

Now for the top thingy. Cut a piece of yarn double the size you want it to be and thread it through the thing you just made if that makes any sense.

Now cut some pieces from red felt for the fire part.

Now sew it on to the yarn you attached earlier. if you want you can twist the yarn and sew that in place.

Now if you like the way your top part looks you can skip this step but mine was droopy so this is what I did.
Cut a piece or two of paper and tape it to the yarn and bend it a bit.

Now stuff the top part and sew it onto the main part.

The finished project.

Hope you liked this tutorial (if it made any sense to you).

**If you made this I'd love to see yours send me your pictures at**

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  1. Hi Adeela,

    THANKS for this great tutorial -- I made a few bombs this afternoon. SO fun! I am posting a photo tomorrow, with a link to your blog! :o)


  2. These are so fun! Thanks for sharing, I know my boys will love them! :)

  3. This is so cool! My husband and son will have so much fun bombing each other! Thanks for sharing!

  4. So fun, easy and lovely. Thanks for sharing!

  5. This is soooo cute!! I found your project through Obsessively Stitching. I linked to your tutorial over at Craft Gossip Sewing:


  6. I think this a a very good idea! I featured it on my blog!

  7. hey adeela, awesome awesome blog, my brothers and i really loved this project, hope we can get together soon :)

  8. This is so cute!!! My little guy would LOVE these. Thanks for the great tutorial!!!

    Also, thanks for linking up to Strictly Homemade Tuesday!!! Come on back next week!!

  9. I featured this over at my Strictly Homemade Tuesday Linky Party!!