Friday, April 29, 2011

Mailbox With Envelopes

I have been wanting to make a fabric mailbox for awhile now and when I searched 'fabric mailbox' on Google I found just what I wanted. You can get the tutorial here.
Here is mine. I didn't make the flag. I put MAIL in felt letters on the side using felt glue and I used Velcro to close it with. I also used the fabric I used for the bike baskets.

I also made envelopes following this tutorial, and made removable stamps using this tutorial. Here are other cool projects I found, HereHere.

I LOVE the fabric combinations, I especially like the blue flower and dark blue combination.

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  1. Your mailbox turned out so cute! And the mail with the removable stamps is so much fun. loved your bike baskets too btw. It is making me want to sew again.