Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Sorry for not posting for a while I have been lazy busy doing a lot of sewing and have been taking advantage of this beautiful weather we have been having.

First up here is a library bag I made from Weekend Sewing. It turned out beautifully and only took around two days to finish. I went to the library and a local quilt shop today and got a lot compliments on my bags (this purse). I used flannel for the outside and leftover fabric from my lounge pants for the lining. I love gathers on the front and the bias tape kind of strap (though I only folded it once like this).

I was to lazy to hand sew the side parts so I zigzagged them.

This not sewing but I just wanted to show you what I got from Mary maxim. A SOCK LOOM!!!!!

I also got this book from Mary maxim so that I can actually use my nifty knitter.

I made two bike baskets for my sisters using this tutorial. I didn't use interfacing (I never do) I used cardboard for the bottom and for the part that attaches to the bike I used thick fabric. For my youngest sister I had to add another thingy that attaches to the bike or else it would of kept twisting and turning. I also machine appliquéd butterfly's on one and hearts on the other one. They turned out perfectly! I also made some streamers for their bikes using paper ribbon that I cut into pieces, tied a knot and with a stick pushed that knot into the hole and it stays. Enough talking here are pictures.



Hope you have a good week and happy sewing.


I will be posting the mother day's gifts I made and a tutorial on how to make this bird soon.

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