Thursday, April 14, 2011

Zippy wallet

I love this easy tutorial that Noodle head has. I started making one yesterday and finished it this morning. It turned out great.

Sorry about how dark the picture, some clouds blocked the sun.
Isn't that flower the cutest?! its pretty simple I'm sure you know how I did it.

I used Velcro which was a pain. Usually you think Velcro is easy but not what i had. It has a sticky side on it and I thought it would help hold it down when i sew it. The sticky stuff got on my needle and ruined it. Then I tried again with another needle, same thing. So I had to throw out two needles because of the Velcro. Then i finally decided to use some non-sticky Velcro.

I used a zipper from an old pair of pants that I was gonna throw out. The lining and the exterior fabric is so cute.

The front pocket is perfect for holding cards. I folded that bias tape myself, it was my first time.

If you get confused trying to sew the zipper, THIS book explains it great.

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