Friday, May 13, 2011

Keeping You Updated

I am very happy that blogger is back but at the same time very upset! Two of my posts are gone and one of them was part two of the pacman sew along. I am waiting until i comes back and if doesn't reappear by tomorrow I am reposting part two and doing part three. If you have a blog too you know how frustrating it is. But I guess they are doing all they can to try and fix the problem.

I just wanted to show you some projects I have been working on. I made some rossets using this tutorial and made a headband out of them.

I have also been working on my shawl little by little and I love the way it is looking! I am using up 'that' stash, you know, the stash of little balls of yarn that are to big to throw out but to small to do a real project with. Every knitter or crocheter has one. Anyway I am doing a shell stitch and increasing at the end of every other row.

Happy crafting!


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  1. I like so much those rossets, I would love to try this someday!... great job!