Thursday, May 12, 2011

Pacman Plushie Part 2: Sewing The Pacman

Are you ready for part two of the pacman sew along? Awesome!

You will need:
-yellow fleece or flannel
-black felt
-pacman pattern
-sewing notions

Cut two body pieces from the yellow fleece.

For the mouth fold or cut you pattern piece in half and cut two of it (please ignore all the cat hair and dust on it).

Cut out two eyes and following your pattern piece sew them on to the body.

Sew the two mouth pieces together along the straight side.

Sew the two body pieces right sides together along the curve leaving an opening for turning.

now place the mouth in the the body lining up the seams with the point of the opening for the mouth in the body.

Turn right side out.

To make the mouth firm cut two pieces of paper using your pattern piece. Glue the pieces together and fold in half.

Place the paper in the mouth and stuff.

Sew opening closed and you are done.

Email me pics at so I can do a roundup.


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