Thursday, May 5, 2011

Panda Bear Plushie

I know, more plushies!!! I am addicted to making plushies. They always turn out so cute and are totally worth it.
After my previous post I was asked to make the pacman plushies (I will be making these in the next week or two. Sorry for the delay, they will take LOTS of time to perfect).

Then I was asked to make a panda bear plushie. I have been wanting to make a bear plushie for awhile now and this finally gave me an excuse to make one so I agreed. I used this as my inspiration and started drawing right away.

I finished it just a half hour ago and was thrilled with the results.

I took the pictures outside too show him in his natural habitat. I know that this is not the giant panda and he is not in china but I just wanted to take advantage of this beautiful weather. It has the cutest legs and puffed out snout that I had to take a picture of it.

I adore its eyes and ears and snout... Well lets just say its face is adorable.

And its body sideways.

I will be posting a tutorial tomorrow on how to make them. They so easy to make you could sew them up as gifts party favors, anything really.
I was also thinking of having a tutorial every Friday and I was thinking of names for it.
-Fabric Friday
-Fabulous Friday
-Fun Friday
-Fabricate Friday
What do you think I should call it?

Happy sewing!


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