Friday, May 6, 2011

Panda Bear Plushie, TUTORIAL

Here is the tutorial for the panda bear plushie. It is so fun and easy you could whip up a couple in the morning. It would make a great baby shower gift or birthday gift. Making it with fleece or flannel would make it SO soft and cuddly.
On with the tutorial.

You will need:
-white felt
-black felt
-pattern (email me at for the pattern)
-sewing notions

From white felt cut four body pieces and one snout piece.

From black felt cut eight paw pieces and four ear pieces and if you are making the tail cut out one tail.

First we are going to make the face following this tutorial. Trace the face onto the tissue paper and the snout onto another piece of tissue paper.

Pin, sew and cut the black marks around the eyes.

Pin, sew and cut the big white eye circles.

Lastly pin, sew and cut the pupils. Rip off the excess tissue paper

Now for the snout, pin, sew and cut the nose.

For the mouth, sew on the line with black thread. rip off the excess tissue paper.

now for the paws sew right sides together, flip right side and stuff.

for the ears sew wrong sides together and sew.

Following this tutorial on putting the body together place one ear on the face an inch from the top and one paw an inch from the bottom and place a body piece on top and sew the right side.

repeat with the other two pieces omitting the ear.

Remember we are following this tutorial. Pin the two pieces together placing the last two paws at the bottom an inch from the bottom and the ear an inch from the top facing the face. Sew

turn right side out, stuff and hand sew closed.

Gather the snout and stuff. If you are making a tail do the same thing.

Hand sew onto the front, right bellow the black marks. Put the tail on the center back if you want the tail.

And you are done!


*If you have used any of my tutorials email me pictures at*



  1. Very cute! And just in time for the new Kung Fu Panda movie! :)

  2. es genial!
    necesitaba un nuevo llavero, y creo que va a ser este. si lo hago te envĂ­o la foto.
    gracias por compartirlo!

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