Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Baby Doll

I made this doll from Wee Wonderfuls for my baby cousin's first birthday. It was the easiest doll I've made so far. The only hard part was hand sewing the arms and legs on but I prefer that rather than sewing the stuffed arms and legs into the body. I hate doing that.

My favourite part of the doll are the big booties. They are so cute!! ^__^

The face is cute and simple though the eyes turned out too low and far apart. 

My kitty wanting to get in the shot ^__^

Happy sewing!!


Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Beaded bracelets and rings

I did some beading lately. I find it fun and I love matching the beads with my wardrobe.  So last night I decided that I didn't have enough jewelry so there I went...

I made two sets of bracelets the first set is a red and pink set.

The second set is blue and green.


These two are my favorite.

They are so pretty! ^__^

The holder is actually thrifted.

Happy beading!


Thursday, March 21, 2013

Finished Quilt.

Recently I finished my first quilt from this kit I got awhile ago. It turned out it is actually a lap quilt, when i bought it i thought it was a twin sized quilt but oh well. It's still awesome

The pattern was really easy and came together pretty fast. I quilted diagonal lines across the quilt and two lines in the inner border. I was worried that things would shift while I was quilting it but it didn't.

I used fleece as the backing and didn't use batting its warmer, softer and cozier. Just using fleece is a lot easier also.

I can't wait to make another quilt they are so fun to do.

Happy quilting!


Monday, March 18, 2013

Owl Plushie

So I made another plushie... and its sooo cute!

I used yellow fur fleece? Don't know what its called but it is really fuzzy and soft. I used fleece scraps for it.

I like the way the ears turned out all pointy and fuzzy. Next time I am gonna make the wings smaller though I had to fold the top under for the wings to fit. Love the big owl'y eyes.

I'll try to do a tutorial for this owl.
Email me if you have any requests or questions.

Happy sewing!!!


Monday, February 25, 2013


Hello everyone, how are you guys doing?
I am so sorry for my kinda long extremely long absence. The move went well and i am so happy its done. We are just finding and organizing everything right now and it takes a long time. 

Okay, who else here is a Pinterest addict? ME, ME ^__^. I have to limit myself cause I've been spending wasting so much time on Pinterest. Well i say it's awesome:

Happy pinning ^__^


Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Ipod Cover/Stand

So I just got an Ipod and didn't like the cases I saw at the mall, so I made one. Isn't that what's awesome about sewing? If you can't find something you like, you make it.
I whipped this up in an afternoon. I found the tutorial here. I used plastic canvas with felt covering it for the inserts, it worked great. I love the results!

Happy sewing!


Thursday, April 19, 2012

'Encyclopedia of crochet' book review

So first off I would like to apologize for being absent for so long. We went on vacation for three weeks and when we came back we ended up doing renovations for like two months. life.

Okay on with the review. The other day I bought this book the 'Encyclopedia of crochet'.

Now normally I don't buy encyclopedia's because I prefer project books but this book is amazing. The illustrations are really good...

I love the projects, like look how cute this hedgehog is...

The book shows you how to do different textured patterns with blueprints for each one...

Also they have patterns for motifs also with blueprints...

I give this book 5/5 stars. This is a must have if your a beginner or you want to increase your crochet skills.

Happy crocheting!