Saturday, January 29, 2011

My Favourite Blogs

craftiness is not optional Is a blog that I just can't wait to see what she's going to post next. Her newest post is a tutorial on how to make this BEAUTIFUL dress.

Adopt a 'Do | Hairstyles, Braids and Hair Style Ideas has some of the cutest hairstyles for girls of all ages and some for women too. This is their latest hairstyle, the 'Braided headband into a rose'.

Smashed Peas and Carrots has really great recipes and craft ideas that are so easy kids can can do it. Her latest post is a recipe on how to make these sweet heart cookies.


From Shirt To Skirt

Yesterday I made a really cute skirt out of an old shirt that was ripping. Here is the shirt before I cut it:

Here you can see that the colorful stitching was coming undone:

I cut right below the stitching straight across with my fabric scissors:

The skirt wasn't long enough so I cut the arm And sewed the back and front piece together to form a circle band. Heres my seam:

Next I pinned and sewed the band onto the the other piece. The band was shorter than the bottom so in the middle on the front and back I made a pleat:

Then I sewed a casing at the top for the elastic. Mine was an inch wide. This picture was really bad cause the material I was sewing with was t-shirt material and it kept rolling up on me.

I measured and cut a piece of elastic and threaded it through the casing:

I had my sister try it on to see where to sew the elastic. I sewed the elastic and sewed the opening closed, and I was done.


Thursday, January 27, 2011

Recent Projects

I'v been keeping myself busy lately. I made a quiet book for my youngest sister and a cat for my younger sister. I'll show you the cat which to me looks very deformed. Tomorrow I will show you the quiet book. In these pictures I tilted the cats head so you can't see how off center the eyes are.

My sister named her Bow. This is how it was supposed to look.

I am making this horse for my youngest sister because as soon as she saw the cat she wanted one.


Thursday, January 20, 2011

Yoga Mat Bag

Yesterday I went and signed up for a yoga class. I Have been doing yoga for around three years now and just one or two years ago I got a yoga mat. So I made a bag for my mat out of a pair of jeans that were ripped in one knee. I first measured the length of the mat rolled up then made sure that the it fit in the leg. I cut The whole leg off and sewed the bottom closed.

Next I made the strap. I measured One and half times longer then the bag and four inches across. I pinned the two long sides together right sides together and sewed. I flipped it inside out and ironed it flat then sewed the two short ends closed.

For the last step for the strap I sewed the strap on to the bag by first sewing a square and then sewing an X inside the square for extra strength.

At the top I sewed a casing i'd say around an inch wide. Then I threaded a string through the casing to close it and I was done. As you can see my mat is a pinkish red.

And I just wanted to post a link for these cute yoga pants that is on threadbanger. If you don't Know what threadbanger is, it is a like a video blog where some people post all kinds of sewing projects. They have there episodes on YouTube and there website right here


Sunday, January 16, 2011

My Hook Book

After I blogged about having no projects on the go I started looking for a project to do. I was looking at a sewing blog and that woman is a crocheter. She posted a tutorial on how to make a book to hold your crochet hooks. I changed it a bit and made one for myself because my hooks are always getting lost. I would of done a tutorial but my camera was out of battery so I couldn't. You  can still see how to make it right HERE. This is the finished project

I put a rosette on the front so that it didn't look really plain. I learned how to make it from THIS place. I used a piece of scrap ribbon that wasn't being used.

I folded the top over the hooks so they wouldn't fall out. For the spots for the hooks I sewed an inch between each space.

For the markers I took a piece of ribbon and folded the ends to the back. Then folded it in half lengthwise and sewed it with a zigzag stitch. Next I sewed it on with a zigzag stitch again.

Thats all there is to it.


Saturday, January 15, 2011

No Projects On The Go

I just wanted to tell you that I do not have any projects on the go right now but I am hoping to start some soon. I want to show you all the play food I have done this year since I have nothing else to do.

There I have: An ice cream sandwich, a cupcake, a bag of chips (with only one chip), two curly fries, a strawberry, a vanilla cookie, apple wedge, an ice cream cone and a chocolate chip cookie. I also have the two hamburgers I made with the tutorial HERE. Oh and THIS is where I got my inspiration. I hope you get some inspiration too.


Friday, January 14, 2011

Sewn Gingerbread Bear

A couple days ago I made some play food from a brown felted sweater that I got from the thrift store. This is where I got the idea from. Finished project:

First cut a circle the size you want the cookie dough to be (I used a big plate).next take a cookie cutter and trace around it in different places as many times as you want. Have at least one to two inches in between each bear. Then being very careful cut out the bears.

Next sew around the edge on the cookie dough and where you cut out the bears. Now sew the edges on all the bears.

This step is done if your bears are not all the same shape. Find where each bear goes and pick different crayons. Color the eyes on the bear and the above the head on the dough all one color. Do that on each bear with different colors. The colors on mine faded so instead I colored it with permanent marker.


Saturday, January 8, 2011

Sewn Hamburger

I made one hamburger yesterday in order to know how I was going to sew it. Today I made the second one and took pictures of it as I went along for a tutorial. This is were I got the idea to make it. This is the first one I made.

Okay first you need:
-Red felt for tomato
-Brown felt for the burger
-Yellow felt for the cheese
-Green felt for lettuce
-White or tan felt for bun
-Pencil or pen
-sewing machine

First you make the template. I used bowls and made the bun a bit bigger and the rest smaller. Then trace or cut around the templates. I sew before I cut so that the layers are even. For the bun make four circles from the large template. For the tomato make one circle. For the lettuce make a wavy circle. For the cheese measure how length of your small template and make a square in that size. For the burger make two circles.

Now its time to sew. I just wanted to show you my sewing machine. Its not expensive.

For the burger sew the two pieces together around the edge then sew lines evenly across the burger.

For the tomato sew two circles on the piece of felt, One on the edge and one in the middle not to small. Now sew lines inside the second circle.

For the cheese sew around the edge which is so simple.

For the lettuce sew around the wavy edge. Then You can either use elastic thread, a basting stitch on your machine and gather it or (this is what I do) you can hand sew a running stitch down one side and gather it.

Last part, the bun. Sew two pieces together around the edge leaving a 2-3inch hole. turn it inside out stuff it and sew the opening closed. Repeat with the other two circles.

This step you can skip if you are using tan felt. I didn't have any tan felt so used white felt and did this: Put some newspaper on your work surface. Take your brown marker and lightly color one side. If you want sesame seeds you can poke your marker around the top. Let dry for an hour ( its also to let the smell of the marker die of a bit).

once again heres the picture of the finished burger.


Thursday, January 6, 2011

My Quilt Kit

This is a flannel quilt kit that I got from quilt shop nearby. This is my next project that I am going to make. I'll take pictures as I go along so that you can see my progress.
Front view:

Back view: