Saturday, April 30, 2011

Girly Bike Basket

After I made these bike baskets for my sisters I wanted one for myself. So I looked through my fabric stash and found the perfect fabric. The fabric I used for my purse. I was SO excited because it matched my purple bike. I  knew the perfect basket for me had to have ruffles since I love them so much and this tutorial got me excited.

I half followed this tutorial and half this tutorial and part I made up. I used the bottom piece from this tutorial but followed this tutorial in putting the lining and the outside together then I placed the outside into the lining right sides together with the ruffle sandwiched in between. Then I turned it right side out (I left a hole in the bottom of the lining so I could turn it right side out) and put cardboard into the bottom and side then stitched the opening closed with a very small seam allowance. I kinda folded the lining over on to the right side and stitched in the ditch.
I LOVE the ruffles.

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Friday, April 29, 2011

Mailbox With Envelopes

I have been wanting to make a fabric mailbox for awhile now and when I searched 'fabric mailbox' on Google I found just what I wanted. You can get the tutorial here.
Here is mine. I didn't make the flag. I put MAIL in felt letters on the side using felt glue and I used Velcro to close it with. I also used the fabric I used for the bike baskets.

I also made envelopes following this tutorial, and made removable stamps using this tutorial. Here are other cool projects I found, HereHere.

I LOVE the fabric combinations, I especially like the blue flower and dark blue combination.

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Tiny Wings Plushie, TUTORIAL

Let me tell you how the tiny wings bird was born. So when I started making angry birds, my family thought it was the coolest. Then when i was asked to make a cut the rope plushie I wasn't going to say no and it was a big hit. Then my family started asking if I could make all kinds of plushies and the first one they asked for was this tiny wings plushie. I worked really hard trying to get the pattern perfect and finally after a day's work and lots of trials and errors I finally finished the perfect tiny wings bird.
I am a visual learner so there will be a lot of pictures.

Now on to the tutorial.

You will need:
-blue or teal fleece or flannel
-orange felt
-white felt
-black felt
-sewing notions
-pattern (email me or leave a comment below with contact information and I will send you the pattern)

First cut from the main fabric three body pieces and two back body pieces.

Now sew the eyes using this tutorial or this one.

Alot of pictures there. Now make the tail feathers by tracing it onto tissue paper and put it on two squares that are bigger than the pattern, right sides together. Pin and sew on the line. Then rip off the tissue paper, clip the corners and the curves and turn it right side out and stuff.

Now sandwich the tail feathers between the two back pieces and sew.

If it did not completely catch don't get frustrated, I did it too. Just take out the part that didn't catch or take out the whole seem, either way you will have to sew over it again. It should look like the last picture.

Now make the head feathers. Simply fold the felt over, draw three top feathers, sew and cut.

Now sew the body following this tutorial on how to sew the body together. Make sure that you pin the head feathers into the seam or you will be doing some seam ripping.

Almost done all you need to do is make the beak and the wings. For the beak use this tutorial.

Lastly make the wings. cut out two wings and hand sew them on.

Finished bird.

My two birds.

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