Sunday, May 22, 2011


I just wanted to remind you that if you have made anything using my tutorials I would love to see it! I really would. If I get enough pictures I will post a roundup of all the pictures I get emailed.

Email me pictures at

Love you all!


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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Mother Daughter Day

Today I went out with my mother on a mother daughter day. It was great! We went to fabricland to get fabric for a quilt my mom is making following this book.

She is making it for my aunt. We found out yesterday that she will be doing chemotherapy and radiation so my mom is going to do it like the quilt on the front of the book. These are the fabrics she is using.

Then we went to Vintage Petal Tea House and had lunch there. I love that place, their sandwiches and cakes and teas are GREAT!!!

The shawl is going really well, it is turning out BEAUTIFUL, I love it!!!

Well, now I am going to go crochet the shawl.

Happy sewing and crocheting!


Friday, May 20, 2011

A Shawl For Cancer

My grandma on my moms side of the family passed away due to cancer last fall. My grandpa was extremely  sad. When my great aunt (my grandpa's sister) told him that she has breast cancer my grandpa was devastated.
I started making a shawl for her last night at 10:00 this is what I have made so far.

I am making it the same way I made this shawl. I am using a gigantic ball of yarn as you can see.

I am hoping to finish this in he next week.

*Please pray for my great aunt*


Friday, May 13, 2011

Pacman Plushie Part 3: Sewing The Ghost

The last and final part of the pacman sew along is here!

You will need:
-pink fleece or flannel
-white felt
-black felt
-sewing notions

From the pink flannel cut two body pieces and one side piece.

Sew the eyes using this tutorial.

Now sew the body together using this tutorial and you are done.

If you have made one of the pacman plushies email me pics at so I can do a roundup.

Happy sewing!


Keeping You Updated

I am very happy that blogger is back but at the same time very upset! Two of my posts are gone and one of them was part two of the pacman sew along. I am waiting until i comes back and if doesn't reappear by tomorrow I am reposting part two and doing part three. If you have a blog too you know how frustrating it is. But I guess they are doing all they can to try and fix the problem.

I just wanted to show you some projects I have been working on. I made some rossets using this tutorial and made a headband out of them.

I have also been working on my shawl little by little and I love the way it is looking! I am using up 'that' stash, you know, the stash of little balls of yarn that are to big to throw out but to small to do a real project with. Every knitter or crocheter has one. Anyway I am doing a shell stitch and increasing at the end of every other row.

Happy crafting!


Thursday, May 12, 2011

Pacman Plushie Part 2: Sewing The Pacman

Are you ready for part two of the pacman sew along? Awesome!

You will need:
-yellow fleece or flannel
-black felt
-pacman pattern
-sewing notions

Cut two body pieces from the yellow fleece.

For the mouth fold or cut you pattern piece in half and cut two of it (please ignore all the cat hair and dust on it).

Cut out two eyes and following your pattern piece sew them on to the body.

Sew the two mouth pieces together along the straight side.

Sew the two body pieces right sides together along the curve leaving an opening for turning.

now place the mouth in the the body lining up the seams with the point of the opening for the mouth in the body.

Turn right side out.

To make the mouth firm cut two pieces of paper using your pattern piece. Glue the pieces together and fold in half.

Place the paper in the mouth and stuff.

Sew opening closed and you are done.

Email me pics at so I can do a roundup.


Wednesday, May 11, 2011


I am so sorry but I can not do the second part of the sew along due to spring cleaning. I am just quickly telling you so that you don't get really angry at me.

Sorry again.


Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Sewing Corner

I have a sewing corner in my dining room/living room (It is one big room). I have a cabinet from Ikea that holds my patterns and some of my books in the bottom and books on one shelf and then on the two top shelves we use for other kinds of books.

This is what we use.

I like to decorate the sewing space by adding things here and there. I put two little sleepy kittens and a vase that I sewed with paper flowers in it on the bookshelf.

I have a sewing basket on the right of the bookshelf were I keep most of my sewing stuff like scissors, Velcro  buttons, needles, etc.

When I am sewing I pull out my sewing machine and place it on the end of my dining room table.

This is my sewing machine.


Pacman Plushie Part 1: Making The Patterns

Hey all my crafty friends are you ready for part one of the pacman plushie sew along? Awsome!

So to make both patterns you will need:
-two pieces of paper
-bowls and plates to trace

Pacman Pattern

First trace a circle the size you want the pacman to be and cut it out.

Now fold it in half then unfold and drwa a line on that fold. Repeat with the other side so it is divided into quarters.

Now cut out one quarter.

Draw an eye on one side then flip it over and if you put it up to a window you should see the eye that you drew on the first side and trace that.

Now to make the mouth you need to measure that side of the mouth that you cut (mine measured three inches).

Now times that by four and using that measurement find a circle that has a circumference of that measurement. Trace that circle and cut it out. If you want you can fold it into a quarter and measure the curve to make sure it is the right size.

Ghost Pattern

To make the ghost pattern you need to decide on how big you want it to be. I made mine 5 1/2"-8 1/2".

Round the top using a bowl or plate.

For the bottom separate it into thirds and curve each part.

For the eyes I cut out ovals and traced them onto the pattern. Let me show you a trick I use to make perfect ovals. First fold it in half the in half the other other way.

Then trace a quarter of an oval around the folded corner, cut it out and you have a perfect oval.

Now trace it onto the pattern. Make onther smaller one and trace hat facing to the side.

Now to make the side measure the top curve and write that down. Measure one side and times that by two and write it down. Measure each bottom curve, add the three curve measurements together and write that down. Now add all three together, the top curve, the side and the bottom curves together. add an inch and write that down. Mine measured 28". Now how wide do you want the side? I made mine 3". So my side piece measured 28"-3". If you don't understand exactly how it is done We are gonna do it like this.

You are done.

Tomorrow is sewing the pacman plushie.

If you have any questions email me at

Happy sewing!