Saturday, December 17, 2011

Guest Post: Sweet Lemonade

Hello! Today i am happy to welcome Naomi from sweet lemonade. She is very talented and has awesome ideas so go and check out her blog.

Hello, everyone! I'm Nay, or Naomi, from Sweet Lemonayde! I am a teen who loves to sew and do crafts. Thanks for letting me be here!
Today I'm going to share a super easy tutorial for fleece rainboot liners--or any boots, really. They only take about 20 minutes!

Materials: 1/2-1 yard of fleece (or flannel, or any soft, cuddly fabric you have on hand), scissors, measuring tape, pins, sewing machine, thread, boots (for a guide)

Measure from the ankle of your boot to the top.

Decide how wide you would like your cuff. Double this number and add an inch or two. Add this number to your top-to-ankle boot measurement. Cut out 2 large rectangles by that height and a large width.

Wrap the rectangle around your boot like so and pin in place.

Cut off excess fabric, leaving seam allowance.

Now, if you're very precise you can repeat the whole wrap-and-pin process with the other rectangle. If you're like me (lazy) then just fold your 2nd rectangle in half, put it under the first, and cut off excess.

Fold a rectangle in half, right sides together, pin, and sew up the side. Repeat with the other rectangle. Tada! Done. You should now have 2 tubes. Er, I mean, liners.

You can either put the liner on first and stick your leg into your boot (like a leg warmer), or you can place the liner inside your boot with the seam at the back, fold the top edge over an inch, fold it over so your previous 1" fold lines up with the top of the boot, and fold over the whole top of the boot.

Warm and cozy boots...
Come stop by my blog and say hi! Thanks so much for letting me be here, Adeela! You're awesome!


Saturday, December 10, 2011

1 Year Blog Anniversary!

I have had this blog for a year today!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I want to thank all of my followers for supporting me and I can't wait to share more projects with you in the future.

Happy Crafting!