Saturday, January 8, 2011

Sewn Hamburger

I made one hamburger yesterday in order to know how I was going to sew it. Today I made the second one and took pictures of it as I went along for a tutorial. This is were I got the idea to make it. This is the first one I made.

Okay first you need:
-Red felt for tomato
-Brown felt for the burger
-Yellow felt for the cheese
-Green felt for lettuce
-White or tan felt for bun
-Pencil or pen
-sewing machine

First you make the template. I used bowls and made the bun a bit bigger and the rest smaller. Then trace or cut around the templates. I sew before I cut so that the layers are even. For the bun make four circles from the large template. For the tomato make one circle. For the lettuce make a wavy circle. For the cheese measure how length of your small template and make a square in that size. For the burger make two circles.

Now its time to sew. I just wanted to show you my sewing machine. Its not expensive.

For the burger sew the two pieces together around the edge then sew lines evenly across the burger.

For the tomato sew two circles on the piece of felt, One on the edge and one in the middle not to small. Now sew lines inside the second circle.

For the cheese sew around the edge which is so simple.

For the lettuce sew around the wavy edge. Then You can either use elastic thread, a basting stitch on your machine and gather it or (this is what I do) you can hand sew a running stitch down one side and gather it.

Last part, the bun. Sew two pieces together around the edge leaving a 2-3inch hole. turn it inside out stuff it and sew the opening closed. Repeat with the other two circles.

This step you can skip if you are using tan felt. I didn't have any tan felt so used white felt and did this: Put some newspaper on your work surface. Take your brown marker and lightly color one side. If you want sesame seeds you can poke your marker around the top. Let dry for an hour ( its also to let the smell of the marker die of a bit).

once again heres the picture of the finished burger.



  1. oh man, i feel weird, cuz i have a sudden sensation to eat that burger... ahhh

    btw well done

  2. aha thats pretty awsome