Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Embellished Messenger Bag

I made this bag for my library books because the bag that I was using ripped. I left it plain for a while but got bored of it. So on Monday I started to decorate it and this is the result.

I went to Fabricland and looked in the bargain section for some heavy material and got this. It is a bit ruff but im not putting it too my face so I think its okay.

First I put on some flowers which are all made of felt and not the thick expensive stuff, its the thin cheap stuff that I have lying around.

I made the purple one with some leftover felt from the crowns that I mentioned in one of my previous posts. I did a quick running stitch on the straight side, pulled the thread tight and did a stitch at the beginning and binded off. Using felt glue I put a dark purple circle that I cut using pinking scissors on in the center of the flower. then glued it onto the bag.

For the pink flower I used a yoyo that I made a while ago. If you don't know how to make a yoyo go here. Then i put two circles on the center of the yoyo, the red one I cut with pinking shears and the yellow one I cut with regular scissors in a wavy way. Then I glued it on to my bag.

For the blue one which is my favourite flower I cut a long strip of felt, folded it in half and pinned it. to show the next step I took a picture of warm fuzzies to show you how to cut it.

I then did a running stitch down the other side and finished the flower like the purple one. fluffed it up a bit and I was done.

For the sides I made some crocheted flowers. I used pink, white and pink/purple yarn and made two of each for both sides. leave a comment if you want me to post a tutorial on how to make these flowers.

This last part I made today. I just went to an origami class on the 22nd of December and the teacher showed us how to make this swan and gave us the pattern. I'll post a tutorial on how to make this either today or in the next week.

So there you have it how to make the embellishments on this messenger bag. I put on things that reflected me and what I like. So I put on sewed flowers, crocheted flowers and origami swans, my favourite crafts.


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