Monday, January 3, 2011

Crocheted Poncho

I have not posted for three days because I have been crocheting a beautiful poncho for my youngest sister. I meant to post a tutorial on how to make it but forgot to take pictures as I sewed it together. But I will try to explain it the best I can. Here is the finished project.

Materials :
-a BIG ball of yarn
-a size 5.00 crochet hook
-a yarn needle

First I made four granny squares (I made nine rows on each square). To make the squares the right size measure it from your neck to wherever you want the shawl to be.

Then I sewed two squares together with whip stitch and sewed the other two together in the same way. Sew the two rectangles together to form an L shape, then sew the two other sides together with whip stitch.

Now that you have the poncho shape try it on. The neck was to big on my sister so I crocheted along the neck to make it smaller. What I did is I did regular double crochet for two rows then on the third row I , double crocheted in one stitch then double crocheted two together, all around then I just did double crochet for three more rows. So I had a total of six rows but you can just keep going if you want to.

The last step is optional but I did this because the neck was still a bit too big. So what I did is I made a tie string collar. Once I made enough chains to go around the collar twice I chained two more and did half double crochet in all the chains. I weaved it through the fifth row on the neck. I weaved it through every two stitches all the way around and I was done.

Again here is the finished project.


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