Thursday, January 20, 2011

Yoga Mat Bag

Yesterday I went and signed up for a yoga class. I Have been doing yoga for around three years now and just one or two years ago I got a yoga mat. So I made a bag for my mat out of a pair of jeans that were ripped in one knee. I first measured the length of the mat rolled up then made sure that the it fit in the leg. I cut The whole leg off and sewed the bottom closed.

Next I made the strap. I measured One and half times longer then the bag and four inches across. I pinned the two long sides together right sides together and sewed. I flipped it inside out and ironed it flat then sewed the two short ends closed.

For the last step for the strap I sewed the strap on to the bag by first sewing a square and then sewing an X inside the square for extra strength.

At the top I sewed a casing i'd say around an inch wide. Then I threaded a string through the casing to close it and I was done. As you can see my mat is a pinkish red.

And I just wanted to post a link for these cute yoga pants that is on threadbanger. If you don't Know what threadbanger is, it is a like a video blog where some people post all kinds of sewing projects. They have there episodes on YouTube and there website right here



  1. cool. =P btw, is yoga cool? i tried it for like ten mins, and then stopped...

  2. I love yoga and think it is really fun and relaxing.♥♥

  3. Mandala Cotton Yoga Mat Bags is big enough to fit most Pilates mats as well as yoga mats.